Editing​ & Restoration

From cleaning up audio tracks, program MIDI to fixing drums or vocals. You name it, we'll do it!


With 24 channels at our disposal we are able to record anything from a singer up to a small orchestra


We can help you make sure that you get most out of your budget based on your needs.


  • 3 revisions


  • included in mix if you record at our studio


  • with in house engineer

Recording Pack

250/8 hours
  • with in house engineer
  • beer included

Studio Space

150/8 hours
  • BYOE (bring your own engineer)

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This is Iulian and Valentin's project. It is the first major production release made at our studio.
Magazinu' 51 had their debut album recorded, mixed and mastered at our studio by Valentin-George Pane.
Blue 420 is an alternative rock band with blues influences founded by Vlad, the singer and guitar player, at the beginning of 2013.
We had the pleasure of assisting our friend Bogdan Ioan on the Souls For Sale album. And also offered support for their Europe tour in the summer of 2018.
"Trupă de distracție balcanică" - Islaz 2019
ANTON is an authentic Rock band from Romania that is founded by the Romanian singer Ovidiu Anton. Their unique writing in a familiar style of music makes them one of the fastest growing bands in the Romanian rock scene.